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Added Fiction Books Title
2010-10-31 Nightshade
2010-10-31 Robert Ludlum's The Altman Code A Covert-One Novel
2010-10-31 Landry Family Saga
2010-04-13 The Light of Burning Shadows Book Two of the Iron Elves
2010-04-13 Vision in White (The Bride Quartet, Book 1)
2010-04-13 The Pandora Key
2010-04-13 Lord Sunday (The Keys to the Kingdom)
2010-04-13 Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
2010-04-12 City of Thieves A Novel
2010-04-12 The Brimstone Wedding
2010-04-12 Days of Gold A Novel (Edilean)
2010-04-12 A Witch In Time (A Bewitching Mystery)
2010-04-11 A Magic of Nightfall A Novel of the Nessantico Cycle
2010-04-11 Shadows Of Myth
2010-04-11 Vampire Earth and Age of Fire Series
2010-04-10 Deadline for Murder The Third Lindsay Gordon Mystery
2010-04-10 Adventures by Desmond Bagley
2010-04-10 My Timeswept Heart (Heartfire Romance)
2010-04-10 Shadow Man
2010-04-10 The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps
2010-04-09 The Lacuna A Novel
2010-04-09 Star Wars 501st An Imperial Commando Novel
2010-04-09 Deep Shadow (Doc Ford)
2010-04-09 Last Call
2010-04-09 The Girl Who Chased the Moon A Novel
2010-04-08 The Girl Next Door
2010-04-08 Demons Not Included A Night Tracker Novel
2010-04-08 Decipher
2010-04-08 Broken Heart Vampires 1-6
2010-04-08 House Rules A Novel
2010-04-07 The Sword-Edged Blonde
2010-04-07 Dead Men's Hearts
2010-04-07 The Warded Man/The Painted Man
2010-04-06 Morganville Vampires, Book 1-6
2010-04-06 Frost Moon
2010-04-06 They Call Me Death
2010-04-06 Full Moon City
2010-04-06 Kay Hooper Romance
2010-04-04 The Age of Fire 1-5
2010-04-04 Saga of Old City (Greyhawk Adventures #1)
2010-04-04 Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs (Glory St. Claire, Book 5)
2010-04-04 Heartsick
2010-04-02 Labyrinth A Novel
2010-04-02 Battletech Sci-Fi Collection
2010-04-02 Dark Angel, Book 1-3
2010-04-02 Necropath Book One of the Bengal Station Trilogy
2010-04-02 Tamar Black. Djinnx'd
2010-04-01 Miles Vorkosigan Adventures
2010-04-01 and Falling, Fly
2010-04-01 Pirate Latitudes A Novel
2010-04-01 The Fever Series 1-4 by Karen Marie Moning
2010-04-01 Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries