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Tribe of one trilogy by simon hawke - 21/04/15

Its already here in Darksun series. but its unseeded.
Posted by vpanand

Tribe of one trilogy by simon hawke - 21/04/15

there is a torrent called darksun containing the same in fictionbooks bay but nobody is seeding it.
Posted by vpanand

Lisa Jackson - 19/04/15

Savannah Series
Posted by asphaltcowboy37

forbidden by tabitha suzuma - 13/04/15

Hi can i get a new torrent file for Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. The present torrent isn't active
Posted by crystalblue

Shannon K Butcher - 10/04/15

The Sentinel Wars series
Posted by Bridget Pamplin

shadow veil by Lynn Viehl - 10/04/15

The Kyndred series
Posted by Bridget Pamplin

cut & run 9 - 08/04/15

so i heard the last book of cut & run is out as of this april , i was wondering if someone would ulshare it , i would be mostly gratef
Posted by jiahne

The Red tent - 07/04/15

Trying to find the book and audio book ; thanks a
Posted by Goofyone

Keep It Shut - 05/04/15

Does anyone have Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman? epub if possible. Please and thanks.
Posted by chrybell

Sacrifice - Denise Grover Swank - 03/04/15

I would really appreciate it if anyone could send me a copy of this book.
Posted by beigesuga

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma - 02/04/15

Hi! Can I request a pdf copy of Forbidden. I really wanna read this but I don't have money yet and I want to read it since I'm really curious. Thanks!
Posted by regina

sandra brown - 31/03/15

Any of her books
Posted by chata5678

The Chemical Garden Trilogy by Lauren Destefano in English. - 31/03/15

Wither Book 1
Fever Book 2
Sever Book 3
Posted by alafolie

Request for several books from Nj Walters - 30/03/15

NJ Walters Collection
Posted by Maria Pinho

Abby Weeks - The Wolfpack Trilogy - 16/03/15

Book 1-Given to the Pack
Book 2-Taken by the Pack
Book 3-Loved by the Pack

Posted by moon87

Hi! I'm looking for this book... - 16/03/15

There's this book called Before Versailles by Karleen Koen that I would love to read - if anything to see if I want to buy it on paperback. I've searched everywhere, including this site, but I cannot find it.

If anyone can put it up here, I would be very grateful! :)

Posted by Averneya

SM Reine The Descent Series & The Ascension Series - 07/03/15

Hi, I'm looking for the Descent Series which has 8 books as well as The Ascension Series which has 7 books. Thanks
Posted by mslili

Chime - 21/02/15

Chime by Franny
Posted by rarebooks

Scholar's Plot by Hilari Bell - 20/02/15

Does anyone have this book? I've been trying to find it since it was released.
Posted by vftai

woman i love series by g s binkley - 11/02/15

Plz plz...does anyone have these books...
Posted by shohshei

Di Morrissey Novels - reseed request - 11/02/15

4 Novels - Di Morrissey
Shared by:jason98

Posted by hr1baja

Balthazar an evernight novel - 10/02/15

PLease does anyne have it x
Posted by champers74

Rebels of Gor by John Norman - 09/02/15

I would like to request Rebels of Gor by John Norman in either epub or mobi please. The file on here isn't downloading.
Posted by shaner1979

the sin of lord easterbrook madeline hunter - 09/02/15

lord easterbrook
Posted by zainab

Calico Road by Anna Jacobs - 06/02/15

Hi, I'm looking for the above book by Anna Jacobs or indeed any books by her in e-book. I have found a few on here but no one is seeding them. Is there anyone that can help me? Thanks in advance!
Posted by enrh

The way of kings (retail). - 13/12/14

Posted by a7madalabed

compulsion martina boone - 03/12/14

Please if someone has this book...Compulsion Martina Boone
Posted by mari

Magic Steals - 30/11/14

Series: Kate Daniels

Author: Ilona Andrews

Posted by mpc2287

When you don't have a choice - 30/11/14

Would someone please be able to post:

When you don't have a choice - Windhaven Manor #1 by Wendi Cassel

Thank you!
Posted by floss119

Uncommon Vows Mary jo Putney - 26/11/14

Can someone please seed Uncommon Vows by Mary Jo Putney?
Thank you
Posted by antique02

leah - 25/11/14

hey leah, I downloaded it and it seeded.
Posted by shaner1979

shaner1979 - No seeds for divinity - 24/11/14

Please can you seed divinity? each time I try to get it there are no seeds.

Posted by leah

C. P. Foster-Secret Studies - 23/11/14

Does anyone have C. P. Foster-Secret Studies (Arcaneology Book 2)?

Posted by kivi

The Destroyer 126 - Air Raid - 20/11/14

I am looking for an electronic version of the book.
Posted by ocv1328

Books by Benedict Jacka and Jack Campbell - 19/11/14

I am looking for the following books:

by Benedict Jacka

The Lost Stars: Imperfect Sword
by Jack Campbell

Thank you!

Posted by fiacaid

2014 books - 10/11/14

Hi! I'm looking for a few books:

-All That Is Solid Melts into Air by Darragh McKeon
-The Underground Girls of Kabul: In Search of a Hidden Resistance in Afghanistan by Jenny Nordberg
-The Pearl that Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi

Posted by Ella Press

katie macallister and kerrelyn sparks - 09/11/14

Any book all if possible from botb authors t.i.a
Posted by china5

Books by Lynn Kurland - 08/11/14

Books by Lynn Kurland
Posted by RenaLen

Stephani Hecht - EMS Heat - 06/11/14

#15 - Blamestorming
#17 - STAT
Posted by shadow_cat_20

scott turow's books - 04/11/14

Posted by edgardocube

scott turow's books - 04/11/14

Fiction stories
Posted by edgardocube

the chosen child - graham masterton - 28/10/14

horror fiction
Posted by cphil

fern Michaels Kentucky series - 26/10/14

Been looking for this series. Can't find it anywhere. Epub or mobile format please
Posted by caity769

the emerald atlas - 25/10/14

Posted by CeeJay

Elizabeth Holloway & Michelle L. Johnson - 25/10/14

I would like to request the following 2 books:

1. Call Me Grim by Elizabeth Holloway
2. Divinity by Michelle L. Johnson

Either Mobi or Epub formats are preferable
Posted by shaner1979

Trisha Marie Dawson - 23/10/14

I am looking for any and all of her books, especially the Station Series.

1) Dying to Forget
2) Dying to Remember
3) Dying to Return
4) Niles (Novelette)
5) Mallory (Novelette)
6) Kerry-Anne (Novelette)

Thanks to any who can help!
Posted by skitsroo

Auntie Eva's Boarder mako allen - 22/10/14

If anyone has and would kindly share
Posted by naomi1hearts

lucienne diver and mary ting - 20/10/14

I would like to make a request for two books:

1. Battle for the Blood by Lucienne Diver
2. From Deities by Mary Ting

Epub or Mobi format is preferrable
Posted by shaner1979

Lucienne Diver/Latter-Day Olympians - 10/10/14

Does anyone have Latter-Day Olympians series?
1.Bad Blood
2.Crazy in the Blood
3.Rise of the Blood

Posted by kivi

House of Stairs by William Sleator - 05/10/14

Guys I've been searching for it everywhere. Can't find it
Posted by SeySer